Office cleaning in Vienna and Lower Austria

The office is like a second home to many working people. People should feel comfortable in their workplace. This is one of the basic requirements for productivity and motivation. Cleanliness and hygiene play a very special role here.

But not only employees appreciate cleanliness, especially customers and business partners gain by the cleanliness of your office premises a first impression of your company. Benefit in several ways from the services of Fraenkel Facilityservice GmbH, which regularly, reliably and on time brings its operation to a shine.

Custom-made office cleaning


You decide on the scope of services and regularity


Fraenkel Facilityservice offers customized solutions. These will be discussed with you in detail and tailored to your wishes.

The goal is that you can rely on Fraenkel Facilityservice in the long term and save yourself a lot of time and work!

A clean place for creativity and well-being

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