Garage cleaning - wet cleaning in Vienna and Lower Austria

Each garage is wet cleaned once a year. This service is also offered by Fraenkel Facilityservice. The extensive services also include:


  • Clean the rigs

  • Wipe the tubing wet

  • Wet wet garage

  • Clean the locks

Of course, individual agreements, service and service offers by arrangement are possible.

Advantages of garage cleaning


The advantages are obvious. Special long-term parkers enjoy a neat housing of their car. In addition, this measure contributes to the value retention of your garage / property. Let the employees of Fraenkel Facilityservice GmbH provide you with expert advice and fulfill your statutory requirements. With a strong and competent partner at your side, you are always on the safe side. That is the claim that Marcus Fraenkel places on his team on a daily basis.

Our recommendation for service station operators:

Professional petrol station cleaning


As a full-service provider of special property cleaning systems, Fraenkel Facilityservice not only offers garage cleaning in Vienna and Lower Austria, but also the professional cleaning of petrol stations and car washes.


Why Fraenkel Facilityservice?


Precision, the highest quality standards, individual solution options and endeavored, timely implementation, are claims which Fraenkel Facilityservice places on itself. A pure gas station the result.

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