Special cleaning in Vienna and Lower Austria

Floor cleaning - stone floor renovation

To put it bluntly, you can eat after the floor cleaning by Fraenkel Facilityservice from the ground. Cleanliness and hygiene play an essential role in professional floor cleaning. Especially in hospitals, office buildings and, for example, in the catering industry, a clean surface is of great importance.

Due to the demand, Fraenkel Facilityservice has also specialized in the renovation of stone floors. Thus, the range of services is extended by another useful area. Fraenkel Facilityservice is your reliable full-service provider in Vienna and Lower Austria.


Construction site cleaning

One distinguishes between:

  • Relying coarse cleaning

  • Relying precision cleaning

During the coarse cleaning, the packaging and building remains are removed and areas left broom clean. Dirt which can be damaging to surfaces (e.g., metal chips) is absorbed.

The fine cleaning includes the dedusting of all surfaces, removal of paint and varnish residues, peeling off protective film and many other final cleaning work.

Talk to our specialists whether coatings are still coated, sealed or groomed. Also the window cleaning with stick, frame and fold belongs carefully to avoid consequential damages on the glass. As part of the cleaning visible damage is logged and forwarded to the developer.

For a fine cleaning, it is advisable to start with the final cleaning only 24 hours after the construction has been completed, as dust takes time to settle.


Gas station cleaning

Why should you have a gas station cleaning done?

Today, a gas station is not just a gas station. For many people, the discount store, bakery and the fastest and easiest way to get around the clock little things. For this reason, cleanliness and order are becoming increasingly important.

Why Fraenkel Facilityservice?

Precision, the highest quality standards, individual solution options and endeavored, timely implementation, are claims which Fraenkel Facilityservice places on itself. A pure gas station the result.




canopy cleaning
Trademark for quality and cleanliness down to the last detail.

Car wash cleaning
Your laundry hall is one of the lasting impressions for motorists.

window cleaning
Good visibility is beneficial for both customers and your staff.



Flexible as life


Fraenkel Facilityservice cleans your laundry hall at regular, monthly intervals for a fixed price. In addition, every second month your windows and annually your canopy and price boards are cleaned. Everything about the monthly fixed price, calculable for you.

Or you can use the desired service as you need it.

Chair cleaning for office and catering

Your furniture has become unsightly through daily use?


Coffee, sweat, nicotine, dander and dust are just some of the visible soiling of upholstery. There are also invisible contaminants such as mites, viruses and bacteria. Home is regular cleaning and sucking course. For furniture in business life, however, this is often completely forgotten. But this negligence can take revenge, because in unkempt furniture collect millions of dust particles, mites and mold spores can cause allergies.


Fraenkel Facilityservice not only cleans upholstery superficially, but also removes dirt from the areas underneath the fabric. The specialists at Fraenkel Facilityservice will be pleased to show you this on a chair that may have recently been cleaned using a different procedure.


Regular cleaning of your upholstery ensures the value of your furniture. The cleaning takes place with spray extraction devices. As a result, first-class cleaning results are achieved and only a small amount of residual moisture remains in the cushions.

Especially with bright colors, the final cleaning result is visible only after complete drying of the pad. Older soiling and chairs that have not been cleaned for years, may no longer be visually clean properly. The dirt can still be removed, but not discoloration. In any case, the pads are refreshed, removing the dust, bacteria, mites and unpleasant odors.

During cleaning, the racks are wiped off and the plastic surfaces cleaned. As far as we notice obvious defects, they will be notified and minor defects such as loose screws, etc. fixed immediately.

Depending on the room temperature, the chairs are usually ready for use again after 24 hours. Any necessary cover for residual moisture is at the discretion of the customer.

The client should provide an area for cleaning, which is insensitive to moisture and light cleaners. Suitable are plaster, tiles and concrete, for example. Floors such as carpets, parquet or sensitive stone floors may need to be additionally covered.

Depending on the location and handling, approximately 40 - 50 chairs can be created per day. Exact agreement protects both parties from unpleasant surprises.

boiler cleaning


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