Water damage restoration in case of water damage to your property

Professional water damage restoration

No matter how severe the water damage to your property may be - Fraenkel Facilityservice is the right contact for all hardship cases in Vienna and Lower Austria. Here you will be quickly, easily and professionally helped.


Water damage restoration at the highest level


With state-of-the-art equipment and a professional approach, all affected areas are dried and sanitized without leaving residues. With Fraenkel Facilityservice you will spare yourself grief and worries. That is the claim of a reliable partner who does not care about your property.

Elimination of water damage from A - Z

Advice on the possibilities of dehumidification and water damage restoration


Basically, there are two different approaches to how best to permanently remove a water damage:

  • Restoration of the original condition (renovation)

  • Complete renewal of the affected area


Fraenkel Facilityservice always advises you in your interest and carries out the work competently and reliably at your request.

Renovation or new construction


  • Floor laying work

  • Carpenter works

  • Coloring and wallpapering

  • drywall

  • Mason works

  • Electrical installations

Water damage must be eliminated as soon as possible. The longer a water damage, the bigger and more expensive the damage can be. Mold growth can cause long-term problems, but that's just one of many disadvantages of long-term water damage. Based on this experience, it is important to Fraenkel Facilityservice that your water damage is remedied as soon as possible.


Procedure in case of water damage


In the first step, the leaker locates the source of the water damage that is responsible for the damage, unless the origin is obvious. The origin can be, for example, a leaking pipe. In this case, the pipe break (or the leak) is the same professional and fixed. After the water damage repair is often a technical drying necessary to sustainably repair the damage.

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